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    Since August 1993 it is approved the construction, Key Laboratory for Thin Film and Microfabrication of Ministry of Education (TFMLab) has been significant demand for key scientific issues of the thin film and microfabrication technology research and science and technology for national defense and national industrial development. Its mission is to work on the basic and applied research of Micro& Nnao Science and technology, non-silicon Microeletromechanical Systems (MEMS), thin film materials and device, nano electronics and devices, and other multidisciplines.

     TFMlab has multidisciplinary programs, advanced research conditions, and the researchers in the TFMlab have high abilities to tackle key science problems and have high academic achievements. It has systematically explored the basic and applied research, such as Micro Optical Electro Mechanical Systems (MOEMS), three-dimentional non-silicon microfabrication technology and single electronic devices and so on. After that, nano eletronics&devices, nano detectors & sensors, nano carbon tubes, silicon carbide whisker & composites, nano biologic medicine, and series of nano thin films are studied. Many most advanced research results and important development in China are gained. For example, in the field of three-dimentional non-silicon microfabrication technology, mega acoustic development technology, small holes microelectroplating in deep-layer blind area and microduplication are so advanced that they make our institute become one of the important bases for fabricating and studying three-dimentional non-silicon materials. Moreover, many components and devices are fabricated, such as electromagnetic micromotors with 1mm and 2mm diameter, microhelicopter with 0.1g , micro planetary gear reducer with modulus 0.03 and 2mm diameter, MEMS coded lock, micro pump driven by shape memory alloy membrane, rational transistor with single electronic characteristic. And much technology is developed, such as diamond coating technology, nano carbon tube fabricating and aligning technology, nano sensor fabricating and integrating technology.

     The area of laboratory is 5000 m2, including 1400 m2 of cleaning room. The main apparatus in laboratory are high vacuum nano film sputtering system, multi-target magnetron sputtering system, double-side lithography system, reactive ion etching (RIE) machine, SEM, electrochemical analyzer, electron beam vapor deposition machine, vacuum thermocompressor, Auger electron spectrometer, surface profile meter, oxidizing and diffusing stove, 18M de-ionized water machine.

     For many years, through the hard work of many researchers from physics, chemistry, material, electronics, computer, precision machinery, automation, TFMLab has founded an effective research team based on the multidisciplines' crossing. TFMLab focus on the training and introduction of talented persons, and forms a team of young scholars and academic leaders. The number of the researchers with high title has gradually increased, and various scholars planed into the national and provincial youth backbone talented persons are growing year by year. TFMLab has become the birthplace of innovation and technology and training of outstanding professional talented persons.


Research Institute of Micro/Nano Science and Technology, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai

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